Stitchers Recap : Season 1 – Episode 5

Stitchers Fatal Flaw?

– One blog author thinks Stitchers may have a fatal flaw.  What do you think?

Ratings Updates

– We check in to see how this weeks episode did.

Season 1 : Episode 5 Recap

– We go through this weeks episode and look at some of the hints and plot twists!

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Stitchers Recap : Season 1 – Episode 4

Season 1 : Episode 4 – I See You


Ratings Update for Episode 4

What did the numbers do this week?


5 Things about Emma

Learn some new things about Emma!


Episode Recap

Camille was watching Kirstin before Marta went into coma?

Is Ed Clark the man on the roof and in Stitchers HQ?

What’s the story on the scar!?


You can also find the show notes at :


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