Stitchers Recap : Season 1 – Episode 7

StitchersCast – Episode 9

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Hack the Case – Update

  • Multiple Cases Coming Soon
  • Faster & More Stable Downloads 
  • Enhanced Quality Of 360 Video & Audio
  • Compatibility Fixes for iOS7 & iOS8

Stitchers Renewed


Cast Review

Monica Barbaro – Brenda / ‘Bentley'

Chaley Rose – Sadie

Jack Turner – Liam

Cameron Britton – Tim


Episode Recap 

Season 1 – Episode 7 – The Root of All Evil


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Stitchers Recap : Season 1 – Episode 6

Email Feedback

– Comparison to NBC Chuck

Ratings Update

– Some possible reasons for the summer ratings!?

Episode Recap

– Season 1 – Episode 6

Show Notes :


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Stitchers Recap : Season 1 – Episode 5

Stitchers Fatal Flaw?

– One blog author thinks Stitchers may have a fatal flaw.  What do you think?

Ratings Updates

– We check in to see how this weeks episode did.

Season 1 : Episode 5 Recap

– We go through this weeks episode and look at some of the hints and plot twists!

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Stitchers Recap : Season 1 – Episode 4

Season 1 : Episode 4 – I See You


Ratings Update for Episode 4

What did the numbers do this week?


5 Things about Emma

Learn some new things about Emma!


Episode Recap

Camille was watching Kirstin before Marta went into coma?

Is Ed Clark the man on the roof and in Stitchers HQ?

What’s the story on the scar!?


You can also find the show notes at :


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Stitchers Hack the Case App UPDATED!

The Stitchers “Hack the Case” App, mentioned earlier, has been updated!

Official Notes for the iTunes / iPad / iPhone Update:
– iPad Support
– New Soundtrack
– Faster Video Download

Official Notes for the Android Update:
– Now supported and tested on the HTC One M8
– New design for 7 inch Tablets
– Crushing bugs
– Improving download performance

Download the App now!

Android app on Google Play


Can You Hack the Case?

ABC Family has released an official app to help promote Stitchers! The app allows for a virtual reality type experience, where you need to find clues to solve the case. The Stitchers team even sent some VR Viewers to people in the media, to help create a unique experience. Check out The Wrap article about the app and VR viewer.

Download the App for YOUR mobile device :

Android app on Google Play