Show #2 – A Temporal Dysplasia Mystery?, Procedural Dramas, Tour the Lab, and more!


The First Procedural Drama on ABC Family

Watching the First Episode NOW!

Cast and Crew Q&A

  • I found a fairly rough, but very interesting series of panel interviews with the cast!  The audio and video aren't amazing, but the conversation is great!
  • Part 1
  • Part 2
  • Some other interviews that are a little more polished and help you get to know the cast and characters a little more!
  • Press Junket and 1:1 interviews
  • Emma Ishta Interview

Tour the Lab!

  • Take a tour of the Stitchers lab with cast members!  You can get a closer look at pieces of the set, which are sometimes only shown at a glance in the episode.
  • Ritesh Rajan / Linus
  • Kyle Harris / Cameron

Temporal Dysplasia

D23 Expo Presence?

  • It would be awesome to have Stitchers represented at this years Disney D23 Expo, perhaps as a panel discussion!?


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  1. I know from what I’ve read the main characters temporal dysplasia is suppose to be made up diagnosis. But I actually have every last symptom they gave the character in real life. I have my entire life, I have never understood linear time & have fought with it’s concepts. The only type of time that makes sense to me are the time travel theories because past, present & future are all now.

    In all sincerity I was hoping that someone there might have some real insight as to how I might go about real testing to see if I really have temporal dysplasia.

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